Friendships and New Toys

So I got some amazing appliances from a very dear friend of mine who sadly moved back to the northern hemisphere. This means most of her appliances wouldn’t work there! I’m so grateful for several reasons. Firstly, every time I use, for example, the food processor, I remember conversations we’ve had about something simple like making hummus, and that reminds me of other great chats we had. So it feels like she is in the kitchen with me, as she has been so much in the past 12 months! It is wonderful, and more of a gift than I could have imagined than just an awesome kitchen appliance.

The other reason I love these new appliances (a food processor, blender and dehydrator) is that I’m discovering all sorts of fun things I can make. In the last several days I’ve made…

  • Dried cinnamon apple pieces (recipe courtesy of Eat Like a Dinosaur by Paleo Parents)
  • Hummus with and without sundried tomatoes added. (I make lots and freeze small portions in a cupcake tray lined with cling-wrap)
  • Banana chips (have to work on those)
  • Coconut Milk (dairy free) Frappacino! Yummy yummy!

On another note, I’m excited as I’m currently in the process of making some ‘Coconut Condensed Milk’ for a Lemon Meringue Pie I will be making for a friend! Looking forward to seeing if it works, and if it is accepted as a replacement in my annual lemon meringue pie! Updates soon!!

Changing times

So I’d better update this blog…

As I want it to be about all the things that make my life easier, I thought I’d better write about what’s been happening as its all a little harder, hence the need to make things easier! 9 weeks ago, we had our second gorgeous little child, and we love him to bits! We’ve nicknamed him Tank, as he grew 2 kgs in his first 8 weeks! Whew, a lot of feul from mummy means I get to eat a lot! Since then, it has been a whirlwind of learning to balance a 2 and a half year old, and a baby! Its be fun, tiring, amazing!

The other big change in my life is that I’ve decided to go gluten and dairy free. Two reasons, our older boy has had bumps on the back of his arms and legs for as long as we can remember (probably about 2-3 months old) and we’re hoping it may help. This will take at least 7-12 weeks to see if it is working, so its a long shot. And secondly, because they both ‘spewked’ a lot while on breastmilk… well since I’m still feeding little one, he still ‘spewks’. “Spewk’ is our term for a mixture of puke and milk spillage while burping our baby. It doesn’t bother him, he’s not phased at all… it just creates a heck of a lot of washing, both his clothes and mind. And of course, there’s the carpet.

So that brings me to gluten free (and as a minor – dairy free). Actually dairy free is a major because I LOVE cheese. But sadly, no more.

However, I’ve found that gluten free, means I have basically forced myself to eat more fruit and vege when I’m looking for a quick snack, as my go-to used to be peanut butter and toast. So in the past 5 days, I think I’m already healthier for it as I don’t thing peanut butter on toast three to four times a day is very good for anyone!

Tonight I’ve made a roast chicken, and had to get imaginiative with the stuffing. So I took some left over quinoa from last night’s dinner, and added some chopped dates, nuts, onions, and an egg. We’ll see, its in the oven cooking now.

Other than buying really expensive ‘alternative’ flours which I have, I think going grain free and completely leaving those flour foods will make life easier for me as I start this journey. I’ve bought alternative flours so I can still enjoy baking with my toddler. We made some really yummy apple muffins this morning. And it will help keep my husband sane as he doesn’t really want to leave his lifetime addiction to pastries and all the temptation that comes from a bakery behind. So we make coconut flour pancakes… yummy!

I’ve also discovered that it doesn’t have to be expensive if you just go to the fruit shop more, and the supermarket less. Basically, I’ll be at the butchery section and the fruit and vege section a lot more from now!

Also, good things to know… cornflakes often have barley wheat extract in them, as do rice crispies. Oats has got gluten in it, but it has a different chemical name… it is calledĀ Gliadin in Wheat, andĀ Avenin in Oats. Just saying…

Oh, and dark chocolate is dairy free! Thank goodness!